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Hi, I'm Cindy!

I’m a junior high choir director and family and children’s venue performer by day, and farmer the rest of the time! A friend just taught me to can, so my current hobby is hoarding mason jars and pouring over the "Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving" to plot my next canning conquest! In the meantime, I enjoy trying out recipes and developing new ones using food from the farm. Maybe there'll be a Remedy Farm Cookbook in the future?


Eons ago, Steve and I wrote our wedding vows in secret, ultimately to be revealed on our “big day.” I joked that my vows included a “no animals” clause. Funny how things have changed!


Recently during one of my canning capers, I stared out the window, while waiting for the cans to “ping.” I surveyed the goats, pigs, sheep and cows then felt laughter and joy well up in my heart. God has given me a life I love, including all the things I thought I didn’t want.


My favorite part about the farm is all of the babies. (I’m not picky.)  I love the baby goats and lambs as much as I love the kittens. I could hardly contain myself when we found out our dairy cow Riley was pregnant with a calf. The new lives born here are a delight to behold (and hold when they will let me!)    

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