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What's up, I'm Claire!

To start, you could say I have the coolest parents ever for wanting to move to a farm.


When I was younger, I enjoyed playing sports and being involved in music, but I knew there was more meaningful work I could pursue. My deep love for animals definitely amounted to a bit more than my parents anticipated - as a result, I joined 4-H. I started working with sheep, pigs, and horses while loving every second of it. This love for animals turned into an affection for agriculture.

Once I started high school, I joined my local FFA chapter. FFA taught me the value of being a part of something much bigger than myself as a young high school student. My experiences within the organization took me all over the country and gave me a close up of the nooks and crannies of Indiana. FFA taught me a ton about the greater agricultural industry and the perspective to think of how we can make our food system BETTER. Supporting local food and farming is a way to get there.


I graduated from Purdue University in May 2022 with degrees in Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Communication. When I'm not working my big kid job, I'm a farmhand and an RF communication lead.  I have a deep devotion for social justice, and I believe creating a just, whole food system is a part of that. I plan to always be involved with the farm while beating the drum for justice through my career and future graduate student work. 

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