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1/2 Pork Bundle - RESERVATION

$3.00/lb. live weight + processing fee     |     $99.99 down-payment to hold your half pork bundle


All Inclusive Pork Bundle! 

Approx. 60 lbs of pork 

$800 Value!


Your balance will be charged at Pork Pick Up. We accept cash, check, and card (with a small convenience fee)!  Total cost will be $600-$700 depending on weight.


All Inclusive Pork Bundle! 

Approx. 60 lbs of pork 

$850 Value!

1/2 Pork Bundle - RESERVATION

Out of Stock
  • Your order is completely customizable! After you place an order we'll set up a phone call to walk through the meat cut sheet with you.


    - 15 lbs. of Bacon! (Fresh or Cured - without the usual Synthetic Nitrates or Nitrites; Sliced or Whole)

    - 20 lbs. of Ground Sausage, Patties or Links (Unseasoned or Seasoned the way YOU like! Maple, Italian, Breakfast, Chorizo, just to name a few)

    - 8 lbs. of Loin (Tenderloin, Pork Chops, Sirloin, Ribs, Shoulder)

    - 20 lbs. of Ham (Smoked or Fresh)

    - 20 lbs. of Soup Bones - (Excellent for making bone broth or a healthy treat for your dog)

    - 15 lbs. of Lard - (Good fat is good for you. This healthy lard is great for baking, cooking, seasoning cast iron & more!)

    - Organ Meat (A healthy meat for you or your pet!)

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