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12 Pastured Chicken Eggs

Our variety of laying hens free-range on pasture all day, no hormones, no antibiotics. They are fed daily a premium non-GMO layer feed from Kraut Creek Natural Feed Supply.  Your eggs will come in a 3x4 vintage pulp carton and will always have a variety of colored eggs from brown to blue to green for your eyes to take in!  Email us to learn more about gettin on the Remedy Farm Egg Route and have them delivered to your door each month!

12 Pastured Chicken Eggs

Price Options
One-time purchase
Remedy Egg Route
$5.00every month until canceled
  • Our hens free-range all day on our green pastures. This helps them maintain their natural diet of insects, worms and vegetation. We also provide them with a high quality, non-GMO feed from a local mill.


    You may notice that egg yolks from our hens are a bright, golden yellow - almost orange, sometimes! This is the result of their low-stress free-ranging environment and premium nutrition.


    Their healthier eggs make for a healthier you!


    Please know that supply is limited at this time. We will let you know as soon as possible if your order cannot be fulfilled. 

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